Raining…A Poem.

Hello everyone!  We have been getting a lot of rain lately.  I enjoy rain, it’s something that is so needful.  As I was watching the rain, this poem started coming to me.


Soft and gentle is the rain,

Soothing, dripping, once and again.

But at times rain comes pouring down,

Which often brings to us a frown.

But listen to that calming sound,

Wonderful music, I have found.

On the window is sparkles bright,

Whenever there comes any light.

That’s how our lives ought to be,

Sparkling in rain, constantly.

Heavy clouds are always around,

Bringing the rain the does abound.

See it now, the beauty of rain,

Just what we need to grow again.

So welcome all the rain that comes,

And listen close, it truly hums.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

72 Comments on “Raining…A Poem.

  1. I actually like the sound of rain…and after the rain there is such a refreshing scent in the air…another great poem !

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  2. I wish it rained in the summer here in Lebanon in the Eastern Mediterranean sea…Here rain begins only in late Sepetember or October and November but lasts till April or May depending on the year …

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    • September and October can be very rainy for us, or snowy, depending on the year. Last year winter started with a big snowstorm on Oct 9, but that is very early, normally it would be mid November.


  3. Hey hey hey, my dear friend, you seems very inspired, i liked you poem, i hope, that you will write more of them and i can’t wait for your poem book, i think this is one of your best poems Steve🤗 Have a lovely day stay, i hope to see you around today💜

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  4. Beautiful poem, Steve! Your lines “That’s how our lives ought to be,
    Sparkling in rain, constantly.” – especially lovely. Speaking of rain, you wouldn’t want to be in the Bahamas nor the east coast of the southern US right now. I’ve lived through many hurricanes but this one I wouldn’t want to be in its path.

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    • I agree with you, that kind of rain is a bit different than normal rain! I hear it could be up to 4 feet of rain! I thought it was bad here last week when we got 4 inches. I think that much rain would smash our dam and cause many problems for a long time if that happened. I hope you’re not in the path of that hurricane. Happy Sunday anyway!🙂🍁🍂😸

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  5. I also love the sound of the rain. Where I live it doesn’t rain much – when it does I enjoy it very much.

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