Sunday’s Pictures #5.

Hi everybody on this first Sunday of September!  And today is Blue Jay Appreciation Day!  Where did that come from you ask?  Just made it up.  Hey, someone has to do it. And why not?  They are a beautiful bird and they actually help to protect smaller birds but chasing away predators.  So today all the pictures are blue jays from the many that come to visit here.  Baxter, of course, is my main blue jay and the friendliest of the group. So here we go, starting with Baxter!IMG_6784

Next we have Big Blue, who definitely seems to be ready for winter.IMG_6595

Then we have Bentley, who has the bushiest eyebrows of the group.IMG_6634

A little bit better picture of Bentley to show off his blue color.IMG_6623

And finishing off again with Baxter.IMG_6729

There are 10 of these blue jays altogether, some are a little hard to tell apart though.  I hope you have enjoyed these bright blue beauties to start off our September Sunday’s Pictures.  I hope you enjoy your Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

48 Comments on “Sunday’s Pictures #5.

      • I love them too! Here we have friendly Scrub Jays and not so friendly actually quite a nuisance but beautiful Stellar Jays. I don’t think I’ve ever seen your jays before. I like how you can tell them apart.

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      • Now that they are back I will soon be able to tell all 10 of them apart, but they have been gone all summer. Some are easy though like the ones I showed. I have seen the Stellar jays but not the Scrub jays. We also have gray jays, but they only come around in winter here. They are not a town bird usually but when food is scarce they come around.😁😸🍁🍂


      • There’s a wild turkey in our backyard right now—Ezmarelda. She is becoming more and more brave…as my husband is feeding her bread…

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    • Hi Faith, well, I spend a fair bit of time with them and surprisingly I talk to them. And it seems the way I talk to wild animals calms them down and they will then come close. The one blue jay, Baxter, will land on my knee to get a peanut. Peanuts also help, but won’t get them in close, blue jays are a wary bird and don’t trust easily. Thanks for stopping by!🙂😺🍁🍂


      • I talk to wild creatures too, but don’t have the free time to spend with them. Your results certainly justify the time.

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      • It’s really only the blue jays that require a lot of time, other critters it goes much faster. Thanks! Enjoy your day!😃😺🍁🍂


  1. I’m a bit of a snake talker. They show up all over the place. I have to be careful not to mow them. In spring and fall I frequently find them in the compost keeping warm. So far, I haven’t speared one with the pitchfork as I turn it. They sun themselves in the bush by my back door. The other day, I stepped on the mama. She was sunning at the bottom of the back step and I didn’t see her. The step felt a little squishy, so I hope I recoiled fast enough to put less weight on her. she slithered away so I hope she’s not hurt.

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    • Yep, I talk to the snakes too, I find them a lot on my walking path, they come out on the path to sun themselves this time of year since it’s so cold now. I actually haven’t seen any for a few days now, hope they haven’t gone underground already.


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