Beautiful Monday!

Hello everyone on this beautiful holiday Monday.  It’s a holiday here in Canada and the US anyway.  Don’t know about other countries.  And it’s really the last day of our tourist season here.  Although there is still some tourist activity for a while, but not much.  It was rather cool this morning, only 43F (6C).  But it’s fall so we need to expect that from now on.  It’s going to keep getting cooler, even though we will probably get some nice days yet.

Another view down at the river.

Not hot days.  But nice fall days.  Today the sun is shining beautifully, hardly a cloud in the sky.  Every sunny day is beautiful.  And they are made even more so by all the clouds and rain we have had lately.  That rain helps us to appreciate even more the sunshine that comes.  Whether that is in the natural world, or in our lives.  It works the same way.

Bare branches of dead trees can have great beauty and stunning artwork.

Monday, or any day for that matter, can be a very beautiful day.  It’s our choice which it will be, a beautiful day, or a gray, dull, terrible day.  We can choose to make it a beautiful day.  Choose to make it a great day.  Choose to make it a wonderful day.  Choose to make it a happy day.  Really, it is our choice.  We can look at all the negative things around us or we can choose to see all the beauty around us.  Why would we choose to look at all the negative things when it’s so much nicer to choose to see all the beauty that is around us.

Even an old log can have beauty in it’s designs and colors.

And beauty does exist all around us.  It does not matter where you live.  It matters what you choose to see.  It’s easy to say there is nothing beautiful here.  Maybe you just need to open your eyes a bit more and look for that beauty.  Sometimes the beauty is hidden a bit, but we can still find it if we look.

I saw this one lone white pine cone so put another beside it, after all 2 is better than one.  More beauty before us.

Even some leaves together on the ground in different colors can look like art.  It can be beautiful.  Here, just some pine cones scattered about on the ground can look nice.  More beauty.  An old log can have it’s own beauty.  Dead trees can show great beauty in their bare branches.  A lone patch of ferns with their calming green color shows off a great deal of beauty.

A nice patch of ferns with it’s calming green.

Sometimes an odd thing will show up that can show beauty of even give a chuckle or laugh when we see it.  Like this one little stump I discovered which I call my alien duck. Mushrooms can usually be found anywhere.  And they can have a lot of beauty to them. Just take a close look at it.  The biggest problem we have is that we don’t look for the beauty because we have already determined that there is none.

My alien duck. A little tree stump covered with moss and a mushroom for it’s beak.

But it’s there.  Sometimes our concept of beauty needs to change.  Just because something isn’t what we would normally call beautiful, doesn’t mean it has no beauty. It’s the same with people.  Make your Monday, and every day, a beautiful day.  I hope you all have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


54 Comments on “Beautiful Monday!

  1. Good evening Steve, yes we can chose our mood, in the same way, how we are chosing our clothes. Today i had accident at work, but i didnt let it to effect my mood. Very beautiful pictures, cant wait for winter pictures, it is beautiful when snowflakes fells from the sky🤗

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  2. I love the twilight representative of the transitions in life as well …
    Here , in Lebanon , it has been a holiday , on Monday celebrating the happy Hijri new year in Islamic calender . Here , we have both Christians and Muslims who celebrate religioys holidays together …

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