Sunny Days…A Poem.

Hello everyone on yet another beautiful and sunny day here!  I am certainly enjoying this little break from our cold autumn weather that we had previously.  I know the cold will be coming back soon, but right now I plan to enjoy this summer like weather while it is here.  And on that note comes this little poem that I hope you will enjoy.

Sunny Days

Golden beams of warmest sun,

Tickle my face, so much fun.

Soft and smooth as silk to me,

Radiant beams, oh so free!

I enjoy a nice sunny day,

Whether to rest or perhaps play.

Sunshine is best for a nice walk,

Or sit by the lake on a nice rock.

I feel great on a sunny day,

Though others grumble in dismay.

I like summer with all it’s heat,

While others do hide in retreat.

In this land with hot days so few,

Enjoying them is what I do.

Bask in the sun, soak up that heat,

For me I find this is a treat!

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

38 Comments on “Sunny Days…A Poem.

  1. Nice poem ! It is obvious that you like warm temps…oh…and Muffin too ! I found it hard to breathe and was unable to sit outside…so I am content to hear how you and others are able to enjoy the “heat”…take care !

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  2. Sunny sparkles on my cheeks
    Sometimes red and not so neat
    Sunny city where I’m from
    Canadian sunburns, oh what fun!

    Sunny city far away
    Where palm trees grow with leaves that sway
    Sunny sparkles on my cheeks
    No sunburn here, that’s really neat!

    Original poem written by me just now. I am referring to California where it was very hot but I did not get a sunburn. We spent the entire afternoon outside. Here in Canada, I will burn after spending 10 minutes outside in the sun. I am not a fan of Canadian sunburns. 🙄😎🌞

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    • Very good Hilary, you obviously enjoy poetry! I wonder why you wouldn’t burn in California and you do here? Maybe it’s the angle of the sun which in summer would make it more intense here in Canada. Hope you are having a good week Hilary!😎🌞😸

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      • Yes, I think you are correct Steve! Nick says that the rays from the sun are more intense in Canada so we burn easily even though we have cooler temperatures year round. Definitely has something to do with the angle of the sun although I don’t know the physics behind it. 🌞🌎😎

        By the way, did you manage to find the poetry section on my blog? What did you think of my poems? Some people say that my writing is depressing. 🤷‍♀️

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      • I did notice the poetry section but haven’t checked it yet, I’m terrible. I will check it soon though. Don’t worry about what people say, write how you feel.😀😺

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      • SMH (shakes my head). Tsk Tsk, just kidding. Take your time. I know that you are busy and have a life outside of WordPress. 😂😁

        I hope that you enjoy my poetry. Fun fact: I had a poem published in a book when I was 8 years old. Looking back, my poem wasn’t very good but was probably the best in the class. We had to write a poem about a color so I wrote about the color blue 💙

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  3. Hey Steve! the temporary warm days made you write a poem… enjoyed reading it🤗 And singing like no one can hear 😂😂 Oh! tat was close.. someone smiling 😂😂..

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