Daily Pics #14.

Good morning everyone!  Happy Monday to you all on this last Monday of November!  Did you remember to smile this morning?  Why not do it right now?  For us it really hasn’t been a bad winter so far, it has been quite mild actually.  Most of the snow we had melted yesterday, except for areas that are quite sheltered from the sun.  The temp hit 4C (39F) which is fantastic for us this time of the year.  There is just a bit of thin ice forming in bays along the shore of our lake.  That’s not really too odd though, it can take a long time for this big lake to freeze.  But we’ll talk about that another time.  Right now it’s time for our pictures…IMG_5377

Here we have an even darker red hollyhock than the last one, so I couldn’t resist showing it to you.  These are real country garden flowers.IMG_5727

I don’t know the name of these beautiful blue and white flowers.  Just as I clicked the picture, a female hummingbird landed on the plant, which is why she is not if focus.  But she flew again before I had a chance to get her picture sitting there on the plant.  A little update on this flower, it’s the bicolor monkshood, thank you so much Simon for your help!

There we have it for today folks, thank you once again for stopping by to take a look.  I want you all to know I appreciate all of you that take some of your time to join Muffin and I here each day.  Happy Monday to you all and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

49 Comments on “Daily Pics #14.

  1. Hi Steve, beautiful flowers and a little help for you to find the name of that flower its “Bicolor Monkshood” not sure if this is right. Tried a little search and gave it for you. let me know if that is right name☺️ Looks like i start to love flowers🥰 Have a great Monday 🤗✨✍️

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