Pleasures And Treasures.

Hello everyone on this cloudy winter’s day.  It’s a bit on the chilly side out there, but still, things will get worse.  After all, winter is still just starting.  But at -7C (20F), it’s still not bad for standing outside with bare hands feeding the chickadees.  I always enjoy when they land on my hand.  The females have such a gentle touch when they land, can barely feel them.  The males and young however, have quite a grip when they land, so it’s a good thing they are small.  But this is definitely a wonderful pleasure.

A bashful chickadee.

Right now I am trying to get the gray jays more friendly and one of them will come quite close.  But so far he won’t land on my hand.  I’m hoping that will change soon though, as long as the weather doesn’t get too cold.  I like having gray jays landing on my hand, they are a fun bird, about the same size as a blue jay.  I did have Baxter the blue jay landing on my knee to get peanuts, but I haven’t been out much lately so he isn’t so brave any more.  I’m sure that would change quickly if I could spend more time out there again.  Again, more wonderful pleasures.

Betty the blue jay checking out the peanuts.

I’m also trying to get a little downy woodpecker to come to my hand.  He has gotten very brave and I can stand close to him at the feeder.  So I’m hoping he will take that next step and come to my hand.  And then to get a picture of all these birds doing this.  I have actually had many different species of birds land on my hand over the years.  With some it takes a bit more patience than others.  But I find it very enjoyable and really, a great way to calm any worries you might have.  All of these things are real pleasures and real treasures.

I know, fall is over, for us at least.

Though I am not a fan of winter, I will admit there can be some beauty found in the winter landscape.  Trees that are covered with new snow.  The sun’s beams glistening on that snow and causing the snow to sparkle with millions of tiny diamonds.  It can even bring a coziness, especially at Christmas.  Fresh squirrel tracks in new fallen snow.  A little squirrel’s head poking up through the snow from one of his numerous tunnels down below, head covered with snow.  Real pleasures and treasures.

Well, guess I didn’t really say too much today,🤔 but I hope you were able to enjoy it anyway.😀⛄ I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.😁😸

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

38 Comments on “Pleasures And Treasures.

  1. This is totally unrealistic but I just realized something: did you know that there is a street in Calgary called MacLeod Trail? Your last name and this street have similar names despite the slight sleeping difference.

    It must be nice being able to see so much wildlife. I haven’t seen many birds at all ever since we got snow.

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    • Just like here there is a McLeod Park, spelled the same but no relation. Though who knows, maybe way back. Actually back in the mid 1800s the MacLeod clan had a big fight and a split, half dropped the “a” to become the McLeod’s.
      Really not too much wildlife around this winter yet, not enough snow I figure. Last year we had a LOT more birds than this year. But it’s still nice anyway.
      I’m enjoying a nice cup of raspberry leaf tea right now. 😀☕
      I hope you have a great evening Hilary.😁😸 Did you say one time that you would be stopping your blog in the New Year?🤔

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      • Huh, that’s really interesting. I don’t know much about history (I slacked off in history class). I thought maybe McLeod and MacLeod were related in some way, or more so not, if they wanted to separate that badly.

        I like raspberry leaf tea… it’s the leaf and not the one with raspberries right? Did you know that women use use raspberry leaf tea to lesson menstrual cramps? It’s also known to aid in women’s fertility, not that I would know anything about that. 🤫🍵

        Yes, I did mention that posting will probably come to a halt in the new year. I start school again in January and will have an super crazy busy schedule until December 2020 if I manage to graduate this time. The blog itself isn’t going anywhere though. 🧘‍♀️🌱

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      • Yes indeed, just the leaf, although for a bit more color and flavor, dried raspberries can be added. I did that one year. But I prefer just the leaves. Hmm, that’s interesting about menstrual cramps. I have wondered if it actually helps with other things. I know it helps with upset stomach, colds, and flu. Also for headaches. Personally I think it helps with other aches and pains too, but that’s just a personal observation.
        I can understand it would be hard to blog and go to school full time like that. I hope you end up coming back at some point. 38 of my regular followers have stopped blogging this year so far.😳
        Stay warm.😁😸🙄

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      • On the side of the box, it might tell you what the raspberry leaf tea is capable of doing medicinally. I forget which brand I buy – I get mine from health food stores and occasionally Bulk Barn since they carry it.

        Last time I took a long hiatus from blogging, I didn’t blog for 6 months but eventually I did come back. I don’t plan on deleting my blog. It’s been around since 2016 but I didn’t really get into it until April 2019. That’s sad that you counted all of the regulars who left…. 38 people is a lot! ☹️

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      • I dry my own raspberry leaves, it isn’t available here as just leaves, besides, it’s cheaper!😀😂I actually like the wild raspberry leaves best, better flavor, however too hard to get now.
        Yes, and I know of at least 5 more that are planning on stopping over the next couple months and 2 others that are thinking of stopping. Sigh. But blogging can take a lot of time and most people have jobs, school, family, which really leaves little time for blogging. And I think a lot of people try to do too much instead of pacing themselves.
        Even with awards, people are adding so much into them that it takes a lot of extra time and then they stop accepting awards. When all that’s needed is to answer the questions and pass the award on to others. Then it doesn’t take much time and is much more enjoyable to those doing them.
        Oh well, maybe I’m ranting again, better stop.😂😂😹😹🙄

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      • You should write a blog post on how to make your own raspberry leaf tea! I usually spend around $6 for a box of tea. It is a bit pricier compared to other varieties. 🤔

        I wonder if Ilona stopped blogging? I recently sent her a package in the mail and she received it. She was waiting for a letter from me, but I got a little carried away and sent a parcel instead. Then I emailed her about it but didn’t hear back from her. I know she’s busy, but I wonder when she will be returning. Did she tell you if she’s taking a blogging hiatus?

        Blogging does take a lot of time, so I get why people might choose to take a break from blogging. It takes patience but blogging is totally worth it for me because writing is therapeutic. Writing is a skill that should be practiced on a consistent basis, or we will get lazy. I never thought my blog would be about mental health, but its the followers who define what my blog is, and how they interpret my writing.

        As for awards, I cannot keep up with them either. My method is writing them down, and then attacking them one at a time when I have the time and feel like doing them. It might take several months but life gets in the way plus I enjoy writing detailed answers; nobody wants to feel rushed. I don’t feel like I am in a huge hurry to write blog posts and ppl have even told me that I comment more than upload stuff. I can’t help it since I enjoy connecting with people through intellectual conversations! In real life, I am a really talkative person too! Rant away. It does not bother me at all! 😎😀

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      • Hi and good morning Hilary! Busy day today, but I’m here now, for a while anyway, then back to the hospital for more treatments.
        Anyway, I did do a blog post on my raspberry leaf tea, you must have missed it, just a couple days ago, you can find it here;
        Ilona hasn’t given up blogging, she is just too busy right now. She said she basically works and sleeps, not much time for anything else unfortunately. Normally Sunday is her day off but then she wants to do other things, not blogging. But she is planning to be back. If you sent an email it likely got buried quickly. I have talked to her a bit the last couple of days, but I don’t hear from her much these days either. She’s hoping to have more time as Christmas approaches. I know she was quite excited by all you sent her. I know she was going to send you something too, not sure if she did or not.
        I totally agree, writing can be very therapeutic, and it’s something that so few people want to do these days. I think generally, as a society, we are forgetting how to write, especially handwritten letters/notes/cards. So many want to do ecards now for Christmas or they post their Christmas message on Facebook or some other social media site. I told one friend, that doesn’t help me, I’m not on social media sites and don’t want to be. I don’t like bulletin board greetings! I like something personal, even an email is better than something on social media that gets seen by 550 others!!! What’s personal about that?!? Oops, I think I’m starting to rant again.😂😹🙄
        Oh well. I think this is getting long too, hard to tell. Have a great day Hilary!😀😺⛄🌲

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      • AH! I finally found your comment. Kept searching and searching for it until I finally found it. Then Timon the cat deleted my reply before I had a chance to send it. So now I am rewriting the part that got deleted. See, I seem to have bad luck like you do. Maybe not nearly as bad, but definitely a series of unfortunate events for sure. Thank you for linking me to your raspberry leaf tea recipe. I will check it out! Also, I hope that your treatments are going well, and that you recover quickly. 🙏💕

        Thank you for letting me know. I wasn’t sure if she was taking a hiatus for a few days or a few weeks. Yes, Ilona sent me a letter and a parcel so I sent a parcel back using her mailing box (reduce, reuse, recycle), and as well as a Halloween-themed card with some goodies, similar to the ones I send to the US. I would have sent a letter but my printer needs fixing and it’s easier for me to send cards. I hope to send her a letter before I leave for Ontario in a couple of weeks. I did send her an email about it, but like you said, it probably got buried….

        You remind me of my mom because she taught me about the importance of cards and handwritten letters. 🌷 She says that it’s now a dying art and thinks it’s cool how I still make a point to send ‘thank you’ cards to people rather than send a generic e-message (e-message… did I seriously just write that?). What I mean is a generic Facebook message, email, or text message.

        My parents don’t use social media either. My mom never signed up for social media accounts because she watches way too much news and thinks that the internet lords are out to steal her identity. I am not kidding. My dad is not nearly as bad, but he doesn’t understand how technology works. He doesn’t know how to download or upload photos, how to transfer files, or how to use USB flash drives. I often wonder how I ended up with such old-fashioned parents. My mom is excellent at creeping people’s social media accounts though, even without signing up or logging in! 🙄😏


  2. You remind me of my grandma that used to feed the birds from her hand from her balcony and then I was fortunate enough to do it too 😊🐦
    I remember in winter time she used to give them warm water to drink and these little birds where so grateful 🥰

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  3. Birds are such a blessing ! To have them eat from your hand is truly a treat ! Oh ! I like your acorn display next to those delicious looking apples !

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  4. Your beautiful picture reminded me my childhood memories of my parent’s house.During winter we used to have lunch in our garden because of nice warm sun. We used to feed sparrows and squirrels like this.Slowly squirrels became so brave that they started coming till our plate!!!

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  5. Lovely Steve! Lot of birds on your hand, lot of lovely pictures we have. 🤔 wonder why the bears didn’t love you 🧐 May be they are not interested to human ☺️ But guess what, you can still try alligators.. and they are so cute on hand 😜😉 or 🙄 wait is that on hand or our hand inside ✨🤔😁 Nice post Steve, awake with a rainy day again My nose added some colors😉. Have a beautiful day ✨✍️

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    • Thanks Simon! Well, bears may not love me, but they haven’t eaten me yet, so that’s always good.🐻🐻 I think I’m too nervous around bears, to get friendly with animals a person can’t be nervous. Oh well, I don’t mind if they stay away. haha, 🤪🙄I’ll stay away from alligators too!! More rain, we don’t want that. Cloudy here and cold,😳 but that’s winter.🙄⛄🌲 Enjoy your evening Simon!😃😸🌙

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  6. Beautiful photos, Steve! Our weather is a little warmer today but getting colder starting Thursday. Mother nature is in one of her playful moods! ☕️☕️🐱

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  7. The Gray Jay reminds me somewhat of the blue jay that use to play with the little dog I had. That was where I got the idea for my “At Play” haiku post. If you haven’t already seen it, you might enjoy. It is not the actual dog and blue jay, but it depicts what I wanted to show – their playful spirit together!

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