Nature’s Art #13.

Unknown mushroom about half an inch (less than 1cm) across.

Hello everyone on this very beautiful Sunday!  I can’t believe I actually forgot to post a nature’s art post yesterday, so here it is today.  Hopefully that won’t happen too often.  I’m already behind on my “touring my town” series.  Sigh.  It has turned out to be a beautiful day, the snow stopped and the sun keeps peeking out now and then, and the temp is a nice -1C (30F).  Almost feels like spring.  Temporarily.  But the north wind is starting and colder temps are returning tonight.  That’s okay.  We had a nice little break and I’m happy for that.

And now for today’s pics for art in nature, continuing with mushrooms…


And first we have the turkey tail polypore.  This one actually has many color variations and is very common on rotting logs and stumps.  The biggest in this picture is 3 inches (7.5cm).  They can get much bigger.IMG_7378

And here we have the violet-toothed polypore, another one is very common and widespread.  The largest in the photo is 10cm (4 inches), but again, they can get larger.

These polypores, and there are many more varieties of them, are quite a colorful addition to the forest landscape and certainly qualify for art in nature.  I found so many different mushroom species just in this little area of my walking path to the river, it’s quite amazing.  Identifying some of them is also quite a challenge.  I hope you all have a great week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

24 Comments on “Nature’s Art #13.

    • Those mushroom spores come flying in and take root wherever they can find some soil. But a planter isn’t where you want them. They can be very amazing and beautiful though. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing that too!

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    • Just 2 months more, hopefully. Muffin isn’t the only one!😹🌞😂
      I’m slowly starting to identify some of these mushrooms. They are quite interesting.🍄🍄
      Thanks for taking a look Ribana, enjoy your Monday!😃😺

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      • Thank you Steve!
        Just curiosity, how do you identify them?
        Sometime back I wanted to identify a plant and I’ve found an app on my phone…it is pretty good 😉

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      • 3 ways for identification. I have a nice app which helps quite a bit, plus I found a website for this province for mushroom ID, then I just bought a couple of books too. I discovered that more than one source was needed to list everything that we could have here. This is sort of in an odd location, between east and west so we can have mushrooms from both. The latest book I bought is excellent and is now my first source for ID now. But some mushrooms are hard because sometimes 2 or 3 will be very similar and there are characteristics that separate them that I never thought to look for. Oh well, probably have to wait to see them again.😃😺🍄🍄

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      • Yes indeed, I did try to get pics best I could, but some were in awkward places.🤪😜 I even had to lay down in the mud more than once getting pictures!😂📷


  1. Mushroom mushroom everywhere😍, which one to eat🤔 Steve says I’ll regret 🙄 Let’s stay on a diet ☺️ and enjoy Steve art 😄 Have a beautiful day Steve ✨

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