Daily Pics #146.

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday to you! It is a nice mild morning once again. However, I am not sitting outside today since I will be heading out to do some shopping shortly. It’s actually quite nice to go shopping so early in the morning, no crowds to deal with, which is perfect for me. Shopping is not exactly something that I enjoy, so the less people there is, the better. Muffin just gives me that half sleepy look as if to say, “such strange behavior”. But really, she’s okay with it, just make sure I don’t forget her food. That would not be good. For me.

Well, it seems that nearly all of our birds are back from the south now. The cedar waxwings showed up yesterday and they are one of the last to come back. Nighthawks are always last on the list to return and also the first to leave. Usually they are here only 2 and a half months. They are an interesting bird, not a hawk at all, they eat just insects. Which is why they don’t spend much time here in the north. They can actually eat a lot of insects each night. They are a nocturnal bird, only out during the night, except sometimes during migration. I like listening to their buzzing sound at night, a true part of summer.

And now for some more spring pics to share with you and everything is popping so fast now…

In the above pic we have the beautiful smooth yellow violet. This is a very common type violet in this area and one of the first to bloom.

And in this pic is the pretty little viola, the first of the season, adding it’s wonderful color to the spring landscape.

Everything is taking shape, getting set for summer, which for us begins June 1st, unlike the calendar version which is more for southern locations. I hope you all have a marvelous Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

26 Comments on “Daily Pics #146.

    • I will if I can get some, they are hard to find except on the smaller lakes, have never seen any along the river probably because of the strong current. But that is one animal I would like to get, both kinds of turtles, the painted and the snapping turtles.


  1. The flowers are so pretty ! A yellow violet is new to me…the viola we get at my place too…so brightly coloured ! ☕️☕️😻🙂

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    • Thanks, those yellow violets are everywhere this year, but I have only seen one viola, usually there are lots of them. Have a good night!😃😺🌞🌙


  2. Enjoying the true parts of summer 😉👌 ever took a picture of these night hawk that fly at night 😉 Beautiful pictures Steve ✨🤗 Have a wonderful day ✨

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    • I have tried to get pics of the nighthawks. When they start heading south in August they will fly in the evening, but they are so erratic in flying, just like a bat, that it’s hard to get a decent pic. But I will try again this year.😁📷 How did your day go with the new company?🤔 Did you enjoy it?😜 Were you nervous?😬 Did you get there on time?🤔🤔🤔🤔

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      • I was super nervous, I must tell you that my anxiety level was at peek for sometime 😜😂 After having word with the human resource team and after completing all the formalities I ensured about my onboarding and then I relaxed. My head of the department yet to talk with me, he must be busy now. Until then I’m free ☺️ it was a virtual Joining Steve, no need to go anywhere, Until they give me a pass to go out 😁 Thanks for remembering, 😻 and do try to take some decent pic of that night hawk 😉 and don’t take any risks okay ☺️

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      • It’s nice to have that virtual joining first, then you won’t need to be nervous when you actually go to the office.😁😳
        What?😲 Me take risks for a picture?😬 Would I do that?😳🙄🙄 Have a great evening Simon!😁😸🌙

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      • Yes it was great, and good thing is I’m never going to meet my boss 😜. And my corporate team. I’ll be working in a remote location, so technically I’ll be d boss😁. You won’t do that I know 😇 but there is this Steve 🧐 he might give some idea to do that, he is a daring person you know 🤔😉😜


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