Saturday’s Solitude #9.

Good morning everyone on this beautiful sunny Saturday! We did get some showers overnight so it’s a bit wet this morning, however we didn’t get much rain out of it, enough to wet the surface of the ground. The gulls were here nice and early for their breakfast and Jasper and Jasmine were also here, keeping the chipmunks away. Well, Jasmine kept them away, Jasper just moved off to the side so the chipmunks could get some peanuts too. He gave the customary few chips of protest, just to make it look like he was trying to do his job of chasing the chipmunks. Part of the wilderness solitude, right in town.

This is the, normally, wet area. The featured image at the top is the start of the path.

Like seeing that family of deer the other day, going about their lives, in town, like it was a normal thing to do. And it is for them. The mother was likely born and raised in town, she knows nothing of the wilderness living experience. Life is here, in town. Her fawns will be the same. Wilderness solitude right in town. My path to the river, in town but on the edge of town. True wilderness solitude. Walking that path is like walking way off in the forest, everything is true wilderness along that path. Let’s take a walk along that path for a bit this morning. We start off just across the street from where I live, well, about 2 lots down actually.

The rocky hill, which doesn’t look too bad in this pic, but it’s steeper than it looks. This is looking uphill.

The path is about 6 feet (nearly 2 meters) wide. The grass grows tall at the beginning as we start our walk. We then pass an area that is usually quite wet, though it has been dry through here all year so far. This is an area of aspen, black spruce and balsam fir. Then the path begins to ascend a small hill, very easy walking. No more grass through here. It is now large red pine, some white pine, white spruce and balsam fir. A lot of fallen trees through this area, mostly balsam and spruce. Then comes a clearing with a hydro line going through here. A great place for wildflowers and berry bushes. The path is granite rock through this clearing.

Then Scramble sitting on his moss covered rock.

Then back into an area of tall, large red pine and a few white pine, plus some white spruce, balsam and birch. Next comes our first descent of the path, going down a fairly steep section of the path, covered with boulders of many sizes. But the walking is still easy, going down, a little harder coming back up. All through this area are large red and white pines, plus white and black spruce and a few birch and aspen. This is where Scramble lives, my friendly squirrel. It doesn’t get much sunlight in here, the tall pines keep it shaded all the day. I call Scramble and he comes running along his “highway” of fallen trees and rocks. Wilderness solitude. Scramble sits on ‘his’ rock and eats his first peanut. The others he will carry away to his secret hiding spot. I better stop for today, but we will continue our walk to the river so you can see my path. I hope you all have a beautiful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

28 Comments on “Saturday’s Solitude #9.

  1. how wonderful to have a trail through nature so close to where you live. Reminds me a bit of Jimmy Buffett’s song, “Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude”. Walking down that path can change your whole outlook…

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  2. From the rain, the path looks too good. Just like my childhood walk when I used to walk through the forest 😍😍 Scramble and it’s beautiful solitude.. that’s so peaceful ❤️😍 just like every month im here with the inevitable month end again 🙄 feeling why on earth this is happening, again and again? I’ll go with my month end activites, Sunday’s seems to be working days for us especially on month end, which I totally hate it 🧐🙄😳 no comments …😅 Have a peaceful night Uncle Steve 😍❤️🤗

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    • Scramble is so peaceful, just seeing him out there in the forest makes me feel peaceful and nice. Oh, oh, that month end again. Maybe you could call in sleepy this time. Tell your boss that the month end is taking away your sleep and because you can’t sleep, you can’t think and if you can’t think then it would be better to stay home and sleep for the next 3 days.😁 No?🤔 Hmm, sounded like a good idea when I thought of it.🤯 Oh well, I tried.🙄 Better go to work and get it done Simon.🤨 Then sleep.😂 Good night!😴😴


      • Nah, I’m not going, never. Sunday is my day and I’m taking an off, officially they are not going to pay me, why should I work then😎 I’ll be a smart one, and do this work tmrw with extra little effort 😁 and believe me, I know how to pass time 😅 and pretend like I work hard 😂😂. that’s my too much thinking 😂😂 planning to escape 😅😂. I’m going to workout, I have lost my sleep 🙄 Good Night to you ❤️😍

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      • Good night Simon! I need to get to sleep too before that wildfire🔥🌲🔥 smoke gets too heavy, then it’s hard to breathe. I’m gone.😴😴


      • Wild fire 😮😮 that’s bad, hope the forest service is on action 😐 take care uncle Steve make sure the air filter works ☺️

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      • 5000 hectares.. bfffff🤣 what 😳 5000🤯 that was 🙄 oh god, why does it happen 🧐 a good rain would help 😮. I wish…

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      • There’s another one at 6,000 hectares🔥 and another at around 8,000 hectares.😬🔥 So far nothing real big which is good.🙂 Yes, we need lots of rain.😳🤔


      • They are not moving very fast, I don’t think anyway. Not much information about them really. They are not under control, they don’t fight fires that are far away from people, costs too much, so they let them burn until the rain puts them out.😳🌲🔥🌳🔥


  3. Your path looks well used ! Great pic of Scramble ! Must be wonderful on the path to the river…you don’t worry about meeting up with the bears ?…have a restful sleep ! 🚶‍♂️😎😻🙂😴

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    • Yes, it looks well used for a path that hardly gets used by anyone. I just try not to think about bears while I’m out there. Only place I have to go for pics right now. I should likely sleep good, depending on the forest fire smoke. Have a good night!😀😺🌙😴😴


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