Coffee And Chatting. #6

Good morning on this cool and cloudy Tuesday! Time for some coffee and a chance to relax for a few minutes. The sun does peek out now and then. The blue jays and grackles are busy trying to get some peanuts in between the chipmunks coming and going. Some days the chipmunks are busy out here, and other days I hardly see them. I do not really know what is going on with them, or why that happens.

But today they are busy out there. The clouds have cleared away and the sun is now shining beautifully, however, it is supposed to remain cooler today. That north wind is bringing in the cooler weather for us. Yesterday I was out taking pictures of whatever I could find in the yard and had my eyes on a couple of small bees.

Iceland poppy, just as the early morning sun began to touch them.

They were on the potentilla bush out here which is now full of white flowers and a popular spot for bees and flower flies. And a few other insects as well. Anyway, while concentrating on this one bee something caught my attention. There was this huge wasp that I have been trying to get a picture of lately, and it was sitting just 6 inches (15cm) from my bare arm. Although I do want a picture, I do not want to get stung by this critter.

Oriental poppy.

So, my first reaction was simply…RUN! However, I did manage to remain calm enough to get some pictures. Then I ran. This wasp is 1 and 1/4 inches (32mm) long. I measured the flower it was sitting on. I did that with another one and it was 1 and a half inches long. I still have not identified it yet and I have checked several online ID sites, plus my book. They show some that look like this one, but they are much smaller. This one hunts other insects.

To complete our orange day, the orange hawkweed.

I will be showing the picture soon. Unfortunately pictures do not show the size of these insects, or any insect for that matter. I hope to start posting insect pics again today, but not in this post, they will have their own post. I wonder if it will stay sunny long enough for me to go walking today? I hope so. Our summer is going by rather quickly. Well, time for a quick check for insects outside, thank you so much for stopping by today. Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

21 Comments on “Coffee And Chatting. #6

    • Yes, not everyone likes insects. That is why I don’t want to post them on my morning coffee post, better to be on their own post! Thanks Hilary! Have a great afternoon!😊😺📷🌞☕☕

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  1. Hi Steve, very good morning, what’s happening with the Chipmunks 🐿️ they must have a plan to do this 😅. Wasp ?last month i found a hornet like about 2 to 3 cm long sat in my jeans, now a wasp on your hand that too 1 and a quarter inch hmm seems big enough to take a bite of you. Glad you took some pictures before ” I ran ” 😝😝 but don’t play, you are taking too much risk for a picture 🙂 but it’s worth it though. I’m looking forward to see your insect post’s 😍🥰 Have a good day💗💗❣️❣️

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    • Yeah, those chipmunks are acting strange, must be a chipmunk thing. I think. Wow, you are getting as bad as me! This morning I had a close encounter with a hornet too, worse than that wasp! Much worse! It was on a leaf right next to my face!😮 Then it flew around me so I did the only reasonable thing. I fainted.😵 But I lay down first so I wouldn’t hurt myself, don’t want to take chances you know.😬 It was a great day, hope you have one too!😁🌞☕☕


      • Oh oh oh . That’s a close call, be careful with these little ones, it pains a lot😂 i don’t have to tell you that, you now how it pains, soft and slow 😝😂😂 Stay safe, have a good day ❣️🥰

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      • Yep, too close for Steve! I like to get the pictures, but, safely! Enjoy your night Simon! Don’t forget to sleep!😁😊😻🌞🌜🐝📷


      • Have you ever tried mosquito netting,🤔 you just put it over your bed at night and the mosquitoes can’t touch you! Then you can sleep peacefully.😊😻


      • Yes, i did that already, but here is the problem. I am the one sleeping at the edge. You know what happens, they bite me through the holes 🙄🙄🙄 looks like they are not dumb 😂😂😂good night Uncle Steve 🤗 and Muffin 🐱

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      • Oops! Have the cotton balls ready, cover your ears and sleep peacefully 🤗 Have a good night Uncle Steve 🤗

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  2. We have the same size of wasp as well ! It is the first time we have seen it….kept banging into the window pane ! Be careful ! 🙂😻❗️

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    • That’s interesting. I have not seen it this early before, it has always been later in the summer when the goldenrod blooms. But it makes sense it would be around now.🤔😬🐝📷☕☕


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