Daily Pics 2020…#43.

Good morning everyone on this chilly Wednesday!  Oh my, what a big difference from yesterday when it was so mild with melting snow.  And today with the north wind blowing it pushes that temp down to -33F (-37C).  But that’s winter around here.  Chills right to the bones at times.  But we can almost see the beginnings of spring far off on the horizon.  Almost.  With a little imagination anyway.😂😹I know people who get quite excited about seeing snow, because they don’t normally see it.  But, up here the excitement wears off rather quickly when it stays white for months on end and there’s more than a meter of it sitting on the ground, and winter is still only half over.  Sigh.  Personally I would prefer to live in a place that is warm all year, palm trees growing, no snow at all.  I like to dream.😂😹

And now for today’s pics…


And we will start off with a nice sunny Canada goldenrod, just one of many species of goldenrod we have around this area and always so nice and bright.IMG_5466

And here we have a beautiful rusty red dragonfly.  This little dragonfly is quite common but they are only about half the size of regular dragonflies and their wings are also quite different.  They come in two other colors as well.

And there we have our nice summer thoughts pictures for today.  I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

37 Comments on “Daily Pics 2020…#43.

  1. Whew! And here I am worried about my drive to the airport tomorrow with only 5-8 inches of snow expected tonight with nothing on the ground… Ha… Perspective!!!
    Oh, and I am headed to Orlando for a week for work and some play… ;-)))

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  2. I love dragon flies steve!!! BUT i also hate the sound that dragonflies make with their wings!!! NICE job on the pictures!!!

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  3. -37C? That’s WAY too cold. It’s -12C in Calgary today. I am over the snow too. That’s why I got a temporary parking garage spot for my car so I don’t have to wonder if my car will turn on and then spend 15min trying to defrost the windows!

    Im heading to the states later next week even though I still have homework and projects to do. It’s reading week next week and I needed to order a part for my stethoscope, and they only ship to the states. Luckily I know someone there so I shipped it to her address and told her AFTER I ordered it 😂

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    • Hi Hilary! The temp has dropped to -40 now and as extreme cold warning has been issued. I’m surprised they didn’t do that sooner. Got almost 2 inches of snow overnight as well. That’s a smart idea, getting that garage spot for the winter.
      Good that you know someone that can help out like that. Maybe it will be warmer down there. Hope you have a great trip anyway. Thanks for taking the time to stop by this morning! Enjoy your day!😁😸🌞⛄

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      • The term I use for -40C is stupid cold. Not just cold, it’s so cold that it’s stupid. We got some snow two nights ago and then the temp dropped. Yes, paying $60 per month for a convenient garage spot is worth it to me. If it was up to me I would stay here next week and get work done. I keep telling ppl I’m not on vacation, and yet everyone treats reading week like a vacation.

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      • Stupid cold? I agree, it’s stupid to live in such a cold place. Never could figure why people do when they don’t have to. Some people have no choice for different reasons, but others could move and don’t, yet they always complain about the cold.
        I assume there is no class time during reading week, but still a heavy schedule of work. I wasn’t thinking you were taking a vacation, just that you would have a nice trip.
        I hope things are not getting too hectic at school.😀😸⛄

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      • It’s a term that both Nick and I use. I think he came up with “stupid cold”. Like you, I live in Canada due to circumstances – not by choice. People who daydream about living here haven’t seen snow or have experienced what it’s like having frigid cold winters. I would choose palm trees over snow caps ANY day of the week.

        No classes during reading week but I still have projects, assignments, and readings to deal with. It’s a 3-day road trip if anything and a 9hr drive one way. Any kind of road trip is a vacation for me.

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      • Yep, certainly nothing thrilling about our winters. Pictures of winter can look beautiful but they don’t show the hardships and cold temps that go along with all that snow.
        A 3 day trip is nice, 9 hours isn’t too bad for one day.
        Yep, palm trees are definitely better than snow.😂😹🌴⛄


  4. A red dragonfly ! Such detail …you were able to capture it with your camera !… here in Manitoba it was -46 with the windchill this morning ! Drinking coffee , hot coffee helps…❄️ ☕️🍰☕️🍩☕️🍿

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    • Thanks Sharon! I have quite a few dragonfly pics that I will be showing here and there. Cold, too cold. Stay indoors and drink coffee, that’s the best way!😀😃😺⛄⛄🥶😵☕☕


  5. I love the daily picture idea! Maybe I’ll do a weekly picture when I don’t feel like writing. That seems to be how I feel a lot these days, due to travel and grad school. Love your photos, Steve. Great eye! Feels good to visit your page and catch up!

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    • I wrote about goldenrod and allergies one time. Goldenrod doesn’t cause allergies, but ragweed does. People often mistake the two, but ragweed is small, hardly noticeable and grows among the goldenrod, which is why people think it’s the goldenrod. Allergy tests and medical testing have proved that goldenrod can’t cause allergies. There has never been a proven case yet in N. America. But the true ragweed is terrible for people with allergies. Hope you don’t mind my saying this, but it is true. Have a great day!

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