Daily Pics #113.

Female hairy woodpecker.

Good morning everyone!  Well, it seems like this problem with WP is quite widespread, so hopefully as more people let them know they will get things fixed for us.  When I got up this morning I could not believe my eyes, it was all white outside again.  It had snowed overnight.  Now, it wasn’t a lot and should hopefully all melt today even though we are supposed to keep getting flurries throughout the day and tonight as well.  But the temp is “supposed” to reach a high of 7C (45F) today.  Somehow I doubt it though since it is cloudy and windy again today.  The snow reminded me of a late snowstorm last year and a bear that came around.  The next 2 pics show this bear, just a smaller one, but even small bears are strong and can be dangerous.  Sorry the pics are not better, but I had to take them out my bedroom window.  It looked so cute to see him sitting down like that with his front legs resting on his knees.  I could just hear him saying, “why?  Why did I have to get up early?  Why?” IMG_1142


The raccoons are back again so I now have to remember to bring in my hanging bird feeders at night or they will get broken again, and I don’t really want that to happen.  Muffin alerted me to the raccoons outside by jumping on me to wake me up and then running back to the living room window.  I got up and checked and had to go outside to chase them away, not something I like to do at 2 am.  Especially since this is the time for other critters too.  The raccoons were the night before last.  Sugar, the skunk, was here last night munching on a few leftover peanuts.  I must remember not to leave any peanuts out there overnight now as well.  Sigh.

And since it’s still cold and snowy, let’s stay with some colder pics for today.  There are a lot of gulls around now and they are getting braver all the time.  Sir George came so close to taking food from my hand this morning.  Enjoy…


This is Sir George, undoubtedly saying “Is this feeder leaning a bit?”  It is, thanks to the actions of a bear trying to push it over.  I’m planning to fix it once the weather warms up a bit.IMG_3264

And here we finally meet Rickie, the ring-billed gull.  He has gotten quite brave the last few days, so I have finally been able to get some nice pics of him.  These gulls are much smaller than the herring gulls like Sir George.  Rickie brought a friend this morning and there are at least 6 herring gulls now.  These birds can eat!  I guess because of the cold weather their natural food is not doing so well.  Once the weather warms up I imagine only my regulars will remain.

Thank you once again for stopping by today, please stay safe, have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

12 Comments on “Daily Pics #113.

  1. Good morning. This is so cool that you can see this baby outside your window. He is just chillin and looking around.
    On the other hand a little dangerous, do be very careful on your walks. You are so blessed to live with nature.
    Stay safe and warm you and Muffin.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Pene! Yes, he did look so cute out there. The day before there was no snow, so he was probably trying to figure out what to do now? Are you having problems seeing comments in your notifications? Have a great day Pene!😃😺


  2. How cute ! Did you name him ? No snow here…Muffin is still a watch-cat…am glad she is ! Have a great day ! ☕️☕️😺🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, not naming bears!😳🐻 Yes, Muffin does her job well,😽 always lets me know when something is happening!😁😸 Hope you are having a great day!😃😺🌞☕☕


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